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April 2017 Campaign

The goal of this campaign is strengthen the bond people have with supper clubs, to introduce them to a new audience and provide an opportunity for people to share their personal stories with them and how they have impacted their lives.

We will be running this campaign through the month of April. We choose April because the days are getting longer and with Spring's arrival people tend to want to get out and shake off their cabin fever. So gas up the car, call up some friends and lets hit the road!!!

Below is a list of some ways you can celebrate the supper club. Feel free to come up with your own additional ways to celebrate as well! Whatever you do, take a photo and share with on social media using the #supperclublove hashtag or email your photo and story to us! Our emails is info@oldfashionedthemovie.com. We will feature some stories and photos in an upcoming newsletter or on social media.

Anyone who posts their supper club adventures using the hashtag #supperclublove or emails us their personal supper clubs stories will be entered in a drawing for a signed copy of the film by the director.

Ways to Celebrate the Supper Club

*Go out to a new supper club or one you have not been to in a while. Need help looking for a new supper club? Visit our website for a list of supper clubs we filmed at or Travel Wisconsin's Supper Club List for more ideas.

*Take someone to a supper club who has never been to one. Does that new co-worker from out of state stare at you blankly as you tell them about your weekend supper club adventures? Introduce them to a supper club. Does fine dinning to your niece or nephew mean eating at a booth in a fast food resturant? Take them and show them the ropes.

*Take someone who has fallen under the spell of chain restaurants to a supper club. Help them understand why the supper club experience is more fulfilling and why it's important to support this institution.

*Write a review for your favorite supper club on sites like YelpTripAdvisor or Google Review. This is how many people discover new supper clubs!

*Share a special memory and/or photo from a supper club on social media. Got a photo of your family reunion at your family's supper club? Or a vintage photo of you and your friends at your favorite supper club? Post them on our Facebook wall, email us or post them on Instagram! If you post on social media use the #Supperclublove hashtag so we can find your story!!

*Pick up Wisconsin author Mary Bergin's Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook and try out some supper club recipes at home. One of the simplest and most delicious recipes is on page 69 for whipped cottage cheese from the White Stage Inn. Your baked potatoes will thank you.

Purchase the Film for Personal Viewing

Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club is now available to purchase for personal viewing in multiple formats.

DVDs are available in charming packaging for those who love having a physical copy.

A High Definition quality digital render of the documentary is available via streaming video or direct download of the video file. This is provided through the VHX platform and can be streamed on numerous devices including web, mobile web, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Android, and Chromecast.

For inquiries regarding shipping DVDs outside of the United States please contact us. For purchase of the DVD for use at a library or educational institution, please select the appropriate license from the drop down menu when placing the order.

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Pair the movie with Mary Bergin's Wisconsin Supper Club Cookbook. More about the cookbook is here.

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